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Lots of food and toys for little Julia, and a guarantee of the next chemotherapy session.

Julia Faith N. Lutrania, Age 3, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

Little Julia has been confined at the PCMC wherein part of the hospital bill is subsidized by the government. The child’s chemotherapy, other laboratory tests, and maintenance medicine are not part of the subsidy.

The father, a construction worker, is on medical leave after a road accident, and the mother lost her job at the onset of the pandemic. The family struggles for the basic needs and could not provide for the medical treatment of the sick child.

On this day, little Julia was very happy to receive all the food and toys that all the children would only wish for. Her parents are more than happy to know that their little princess will be able to continue with her treatment at the hospital with the help of the medical assistance fund given by the Chummy Chum Foundation. The family also received one month supply of grocery items and cash that they can use in whichever way it could serve them best.

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