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Sending immediate help for Niel.

No. 127: Alpha Niel A. Senillo, 7, Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaHospital, PCMC

Niel was diagnosed with blood cancer and had to undergo a series of blood transfusions. He is being treated at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. When the hospital is out of blood supply, the parents have to get it from outside which cost is no longer covered by the hospital. Aside from the difficulty of availing blood from private centers, it is also costly for a family that struggles to live every day.

The father has no stable job and cannot provide the basic needs of the family more so the medical needs of their son. The mother seeks any help that can be given to Niel.

October 30, 2021:Niel was surprised with, for him, gifts from Chummy Chum, but a big help for his parents.

Message from Niel’s mom:Dear.chummy chum maraming salamat po sa binigay nio pong tulong sa aking anak na si alpha senillo.sya po ay 7 years old po at may sakit na acute lymphoblastic nagpapagamot po sa pcmc.subrang malaking tulong po para po sa aming pamilya.lalo na po sami…na mahaba haba po ang gamutan po namin.makakatulong po ito para po sa knyang pag punta po mg hospital.maraming salamat po kay maam Rowena Bajamundi Bula na patuloy po syang ginagamit ni lord para po makatulong po sa mga batang may sakit…at sa chummy chum foundation inc. na wlng sawang tumutulong po sa bawat pamilyang nangangainagn po.kahit papaanu po na ay napapasay nio kmi.mabuhay po kayo at pagpalain po ni lord .God bless you more.Thanks for worth 15k na love Gift 10k cash and 5k groceries.

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