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Supporting little Mark with his immediate medical needs.

No. 151: Mark Xander Gabriel Mayordomo, 7, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), National Children’s Hospital

Mark was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was 2. He went through a series of chemotherapy until he reached the monitoring phase in 2020, where the state of being well is a step away. But then in January 2021, his cancer re-occurs and metastasized into his eyes. Sometimes in March, he had episodes of seizures, and in November, his cancer has spread to his body attested by his bone marrow test result. With all of the clinical procedures he went through every time his condition got worse time and again, he was able to make it and go home as if he is a normal healthy child. But the truth is, he is not fine. He is just bravely fighting for his life. Despite all odds, the family remains thankful to God for never giving upon them. The family’s meager income cannot fully support all the medical and nutritional needs, but they do their best to provide for their son’s medical needs. Right now, what they need is something to support the weakening body of the sick child. Mark also needs to undergo the 2D Echo test immediately.

Chummy Chum sent immediate help for little Mark with cash assistance for his medical management and family’s need, as well as grocery items and Chummy Chum freebies such as coloring books, mini stuff, and wristbands.

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