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Visiting the children from Ospital ng Sampaloc.

30 September 2022: Ospital ng Sampaloc

The Chummy Chum team visited Ospital ng Sampaloc and surprised the children who were having medical check-ups on that day at the OPD Pedia outdoor area, as well as the children who were currently confined there.

The team set up the table with giveaways and yummy treats prepared for the children. The popcorn machine started to cook. All children and some of the hospital staff and mothers as well were given the freshly cooked popcorn.

Dra. Torres who’s a resident Pediatrician at the hospital cheerfully joined the team in the distribution of loot bags and freebies to the children. Also helped in the distribution were hospital nurses and staff. Dra. Torres looked really happy sharing the moments with the Chummy Chum team, her staff, and most especially her patients.

The children received snacks, Chummy Pillow, Coloring Books with Crayons, Wristbands, vitamins for selected patients, and baby items for infant patients.

Chummy Chum (the mascot) was not able to join due to the limited movement implemented in the hospital following the health and safety protocol against the Covid19. Nevertheless, the children were happy just simply being visited by the Chummy Chum team.

Special thanks to our voluntary-partner donor Mrs. Tankeko for the Baby items, and Minay Family for the vitamin supplements for children.

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