Friday, May 15, 2015

ChummyChum entertain the kids beneficiaries of SMF Medical and Dental Mission at SM Marilao

Chummy Chum went with SM Foundation again for another medical mission but this time at SM Marilao bulacan. 
It is SMF’s aim to, as much as possible, conduct medical missions at all SM Branches, communities and health centers nationwide to provide free medicine and medical service to the poorest families who cannot afford to buy from SM’s department stores and groceries. 
Today, we are here to cheer up the kids of Marilao, Bulacan who will have their free checkups. We are glad to see the volunteers who are helping the medical team to provide service to the people while CCF provided snacks to the children. Photo shows the kids receiving freebies from CCF.

Big thanks to Sir Jacko and Mam Trina for added refreshment.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chummy Chum bring blessing for -OPD Check up kids of OMMC

When Chummy Chum arrived  to the newly renovation OPD of Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center  Malate Manila now its fully airconditioned,one may thought that there was no activity happening that day-- the kids were just sitting and waiting for their doctor Some got called for their turn,

While Chummy Chum were unloading the pop corn and cotton candy makers. But when they heard the Chummy chum music, kids danced and got excited to have the balloons we prepared. It became  a lively morning  when Chummy Chum came and the kids saw the bubbles. At this point, people watching may have thought no sick kids was there! They all got freebies and added refreshment  courtesy of Ms.Trina and Sir Jacko.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chummy Chum with Aral Pinoy Treat Poor Children for Mother’s Day Celebration

As we celebrate a very special day for all the mothers, CCF team headed to Novaliches in Quezon City for a charity activity, a mother’s day celebration by Aral Pinoy held in Sauyo Parish Church. CCF team arrived early along with our volunteer, Ms. Jen and her friend Glernil. 

We prepared lootbags for the children. The program started with games hosted by clowns. The party was not that lively because there was no happy music so we provided them with some upbeat music. Aral Pinoy staff and volunteers provided free lunch and also school supplies. 

Everyone contributed and helped to make this event a success and make poor kids happy. Thank you to Ms. Ahne for all the help she has provided, and also to Ms. Francoise and Ms. Nicole for the additional freebies.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chummy Chum bring Joy to the bahay kanlungan kid's of SMF Medical Mission

As part of CCF’s tie-up with SM Foundation, the group went to SM Valenzuela for another Medical and Dental  Mission. We got to the venue very early to set-up along with the organizers of SM Foundation and SM Management. People with stubs came along in droves. 
     The medical mission started on a slow place because doctors came in late. Most of those who went there early were senior citizens. What is considered as most
notable is that SM Foundation provides complete medicine good for one (1) week.  
     CCF sees that the medical mission that SM Foundation conducts is a big help especially to the poor,and one orphanage children name bahay kanlungan nearby. And CCF works hand in hand with them to provide cheer to poor children Big thanks to Sir Jacko for lootbags. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chummy Chum with Jacko & friends for Children’s Treat at Philippine Orthopedic Center

CCF Team went to Philippine Orthopedic Center in Banawe, Quezon City for an outreach activity of Jacko and batchmates. Jacko is kind since he and his friends provided us lunch for reimbursement of expenses. 
There were a lot of patients so we opted to eat lunch first since the program starts at 1pm. They let us set up our booth in the garden because we cannot be accommodated in the children’s ward. When the sponsor arrived, he brought along groceries worth P1,000.00 good for 45 patients and it did help in a big way especially to the poor patients. After the distribution, they went on with the games as clowns hosted and entertained the children. When Chummy Chum came out most of the children and parents wanted to have a picture with our adorable mascot. 
They asked if Chummy Chum can go room to room and we told the person donning the costume to inform us if he’s not comfortable anymore due to extreme heat but he did endure it and went to every room of the children’s ward. Aside from the gifts and freebies from the sponsor, the children also received Chummy Chum freebies. 
We just had a little set back as heavy rain poured down. Good thing our machine broke and we continue our mission to make less fortunate children happy. Big thanks to all the donations you give us for all the children that we visit.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms. Lei and friends Treat Poor Kids of Brgy. Burol Community

May 1 is an official non-working holiday. A busy person like Ms Lei took this opportunity to share her blessings with the less fortunate children. She asked for our help to identify a beneficiary group for the said activity. 
Today we went to Brgy Burol in Mandaluyong City to fulfill Ms. Lei’s wish. We invited the poor kids of the said community for Ms Lei’s party treat. 
We all came early at our meeting place and went to the event place. The venue was a bit high so we had a difficult time bringing in our equipment with the help of some barangay staff. 
As we were setting up, there were kids who do not have stubs, asking us if they can join. We gently explained to them that the Barangay was the one in-charge of distributing the stubs and that the snacks and gifts are limited only for the participants. 
The children participated actively during games as well as their parents. We were able to cook 100 bags of popcorns for the children. Chummy Chum came out to entertain the kids and took photos with them. Afterwards, the kids were given lunch, juice, cupcakes and Chummy Chum freebies. 
All the children went home happy with the gifts they got. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chummy Chum with SM Foundation's Medical Mission in Poor families in Calamba

CCF team went to SM Calamba Laguna carpark for another medical mission tie up with SM Foundation. 
When we arrived, the SMF staff were already there everything was ok and we were able to enter smoothly. When the registration started, the children could not wait and were so excited that they even wanted to buy popcorn and balloons from us. We told them that we will give them popcorn for free after their medical checkup. 
There was this kid who requested for a balloon because it was his birthday. Since he was already done with his checkup, we did not only gave him a balloon but also loot bags courtesy of Aral Pinoy and Chummy Chum freebies. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Chummy Chum with Aral Pinoy for their ‘Libreng Salo-salo Treat’ to Poor Kids of Old Balara

After the morning event, CCF staff headed to Old Balara in Quezon City upon the invitation of Aral Pinoy. 
When we arrived at the location, it was scorching hot. The organizers only had a tent set up. We had second thoughts if we will continue setting up or not because we were worried that the cotton candies will just melt because of extreme heat. But we decided to stay as we saw how excited the children were. We just had to find a way to block the sun and put a wet towel on our heads to somehow cool down. 
The program started and the clowns entertained the kids. While waiting for the guests to arrive, CCF gave away prizes to the delight of the children, afterwards people from Aral Pinoy arrived. Chummy Chum came out to entertain the children while they enjoy the food. 
Since our home is pretty far, we excused ourselves and told them that we will go ahead and since we only supposed to stay for 2 hours in an event.

Chummy Chum with Mr. Jorolan Family Treat Cancer Kids of Bahay Aruga

CCF Team went to Bahay Aruga in Malate Manila for another charity event. Bahay Aruga is a halfway home for children afflicted with cancer and are having chemotherapy sessions in Philippine General Hospital (PGH). 
The founder of Bahay Aruga is very thankful to CCF for the help we extend to them because they have no source of funds and only rely heavily to what kind-hearted people give them. The gifts and donations we gave to them are of big help for their daily needs such as food and medicines. 
Today we brought Mr. Jorolan to help cheer the children with cancer. He started doing this last year as he helped other cancer kid patients. He brought along his mother and sibling and they had the food catered as a treat to the children and their parents. When the guests arrived, they readied the food and afterwards Chummy Chum came out to dance and have photos with the children and the guests. 
Thank you to Ate Lybs and friends for volunteering.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chummy Chum Graces Rare Disease Event in Partnership with Mrs. Sison and UP College-Manila

CCF went to UP Manila to cheer up children with rare disease, upon the invitation of UP-Manila. It is a first time for us to have an outreach activity intended for children having rare disease. The event was carefully planned. As early as January, UP Manila has already reserved the scheduled slot to CCF. 
    At first I was not aware of this disease, so I looked it up over the internet and this is what I found; 'A rare disease, also referred to as an orphan disease, is any disease that affects a small percentage of the population. Most rare diseases are genetic, and thus are present throughout the person's entire life, even if symptoms do not immediately appear. Many rare diseases appear early in life, and about 30 percent of children with rare diseases will die before reaching their fifth birthday.[1] With a single diagnosed patient only, ribose-5-phosphate isomerase deficiency is considered the rarest genetic disease.

   On this day everyone helped out to give happiness to poor children who are afflicted with this disease. We salute the parents of these children for taking good care of them, to Mrs. Sison for trusting us and for sponsoring CCF beneficiaries.