Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chummy Chum Visits Batangas Medical Center Children’s Ward

CCF headed to Batangas City in Bihi Road, Kumintang Ibaba for another hospital visit. The scenery was beautiful and the air is fresh. We went to visit Batangas Medical Center for a possible Incubator donation. The hospital director is very kind as he personally talked to us about our plan to donate a brand new incubator. As we were talking, he called in all doctors involved like the resident doctor of Pedia Department for our gift-giving activity and the biomedical technician for incubator concerns. At the Children’s Ward, we met several children afflicted with cancer. We reminded that our boss donated vials needed for cancer treatment of the children. When we started cooking the popcorn, staff and doctors went up to us and started asking us questions such as if there was someone celebrating his/her birthday… After the gift-giving activity, the hospital’s social service did not forget to serve us meals. They understand that we came from afar and they were very grateful for our time and effort to visit provincial hospital like theirs. Big thanks to Mrs. Cobbarubia for the lootbags.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Chummy Chum Visits Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

CCF staff went to Jose Reyes Medical Center (JRMMC) just beside the Department of Health (DOH) building. We were lucky we didn’t get lost since we have no permanent driver and we are still for one that is trustworthy and hardworking. 

Beforehand we had several meetings with the staff and admin of the hospital because they are one of the beneficiaries of our incubator donation. We got to the place which is spacious, second to PGH, and there are many indigent people who come here for medical treatment. The hospital is air-conditioned as well as their OPD-Pedia. We were told to set up there by the nurses. 

The children as well as the parents who were there for checkups got attracted to the sweet smelling scent of our cooked popcorn. Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out to entertain the kids and had their pictures with our adorable mascot. Then the kids started to line-up for to receive snacks and goodies from CCF and Ms. Marianne who donated lootbags. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Chummy Chum Visits Sta Rosa Community Hospital’s Pedia Ward and OPD

CCF went to Santa Rosa, Laguna to visit Santa Rosa Community Hospital for an occular inspection as potential beneficiary of a brand new incubator.
We were welcomed warmly by the hospital staff but as they say, 'you cannot please everybody' and there is this one person who doesn’t like the smell of popcorn and practically shooed us away but the hospital director insisted that we just stay put. 
The director was very happy of what we do for the children especially when they found out that we are considering their hospital as a possible beneficiary of our brand new incubator.
We did not pay attention to that one person who was very rude and just did our job in making kids happy as we prepared the snacks and gifts for the children.
Some staff were asking if we could also give them lootbags which were placed in cute canisters but we kindly informed them that those are for the children and gave them (staff) popcorns instead. Big thanks to Ms. Marianne for the additional refreshments.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chummy Chum with SM Foundation Bring Happiness to Community Kids of Rosario Cavite

SM Foundation holds another Medical and Dental Mission this time in SM Rosario in Cavite. 
The line of people was already long when we got there. The kids were grinning from ear to ear when they saw the Chummy Chum van. 
As we were setting up, a person came up to us and asked for our number. She said she is connected with an organization that teaches kids in the street. 
As we were cooking the popcorns, several kids who already had their checkup only have one request the balloons we were using for decoration. We gently explained to them that they have to wait for the program to end before we can give them the balloons, but when a kid starts to cry, we can’t help but give in to the request because we do not want to see little sad faces and our purpose is to bring joy to kids.
The food was abundant during the event. Those were for the doctors, staff and volunteers. 
We were busy with the event when our phone rang and it was the Junior Manager of SMF informing us of April schedule. 
Thanks to Ms. Jaymee for some of the lootbags.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chummy Chum Brings Joy to Kids at Laurel District Medical Center

CCF Team left early for Tanauan, Batangas to meet up and get to know our potential beneficiary of an Incubator under our Child Survival Maintenance Program (CSMP) but there was a miscommunication with our driver. We were not given the signal to take Startoll but went through anyway, just so we could get to the venue on time. 
We were already at Laurel District Medical Center at 7am before we found out that the schedule is at 10am. Should we have known, we would’ve taken a different way so as not to spend so much for toll fees. 
Nevertheless, we were glad that the hospital staff of Laurel were very accommodating. 
This is the only hospital in Laurel, Batangas and the staff informed us that they do not have a public midwife so we had doubts if they will qualify as beneficiaries of the incubator since what they have is a private midwife. 
They proposed that they will not charge even the private patients for the incubator use but we informed them that our beneficiaries for the incubators are the poor mothers who cannot afford the service.
 Big thanks to Mam Rodriguez for the toys, and lootbags and to Ms. Dora for the cupcakes and refreshments.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chummy Chum with Ms Marriane and St. Mary’s Batch ’85 Gives Back to Bukas Palad

CCF headed to Bukas Palad Foundation in Pasay City, a drop in center for poorest of the poor wherein they are given free meals. 
We went there to celebrate Ms. Marriane’s birthday who’s been doing charity works with us for four (4) years now. 
When we got there, we saw 3 families about to have their meals courtesy of the visitors, which treated them as their “adopted families”. 
Said families were with some of the children whom Ms. Marriane and her batch mates in Saint Mary’s Pasay included in her birthday treat. We immediately set up our booth and someone asked for our number especially when they learned that we are all doing this pro bono. 
The host started the mini program with games and lots of photo op. They were served with food from a well-known fastfood chain. Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out and entertained everyone. The children lined up for the popcorn and cotton candy and were given gifts and freebies.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Chummy Joins Mrs. Rodriguez for Birthday treat with SPED Students

CCF headed to Fourth Estate Elementary School located at Brgy. San Antonio, Paranaque City to help Mrs. Rodriguez celebrate her special day with the school’s SPED students. Our boss told us that our mission is to do good so that others may emulate us. Mrs. Rodriguez is a good friend of Ms. Alice who has been with CCF in spreading love and joy to children with Cancer since 2010. 
    For this day we accompany Ms. Alice’s friend for another outreach for SPED Children of Fourth Estate Elem. CCF Team organized everything, from scheduling to taking care of the prizes, giveaways for the event. We were there early to set up and arrange the balloons and other decors to make the party lively. The children were happy upon seeing it, especially the SPED kids. 
   The program started with games and when the birthday celebrant arrived with her family and friends, they began eating. The food, which was prepared by Mrs. Rodriguez was delicious. She even prepared a 10Kg. worth of Spaghetti that even teachers from nearby classrooms, were given food. Afterwards, Chummy Chum came out and entertained the children. Pictures show how the kids enjoyed every minute of the party. There was even a kid who sang for Mrs. Rodriguez as her way of saying thanks.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chummy Chum cheer for check up kids of SM Foundation Medical Mission

CCF Team headed to Marikina City  for another Medical Mission of SM Foundation, Inc. The said event was held at SM Marikina wherein hundreds of people from Marikina’s poorest communities gathered there to avail of the free medical services. The venue at the carpark of SM Malls, the team  provide service to the poor. Aside from free medical checkup, the beneficiaries were also given free medicines. 
CCF on the other hand provided cheers to the children present. Were great to see for once Ms. Conie  Angeles and Kapwa ko Mahal ko team, the SMF donors are great to be sincere in their willingness to help the poor. Big thanks to Ms. Jhen Alfonso for the added refreshments.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Chummy Chum Visit the Cancer kid's of V.Luna General Hospital

Chummy Chum visited the V.Luna  General Hospital located at QC  Pediatrics ward, and again, our team was reminded how big a small act of charity can be. We met kids there suffering from sicknesses,some are cancer patients most wanting to get well so they could go home. There was this little girl whose mother told us after we got close to her bed and gave her our small gifts that her daughter had been complaining about how the needle the joy she and the rest of the patients in the ward seemed to share with us and each other. Truly, these kids don’t in the IV brought her pain. After seeing us and Chummy Chum and the gifts, that girl and other kids started smiling and taking in need a lot—don’t ask a lot from us—just some time and some act of generosity is always appreciated by their little hearts and really goes a long, long way.Big thanks for added refreshment and some gifts for Ms. Chloe