Friday, November 21, 2014

Chummy Chum with Ms Anne's Family at PCMC-OPD

CCF Staff went back to Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC), this time with Ms. Anne's family to share their blessings with cancer patients. 
For almost 4 years of partnership, Ms Anne makes sure she celebrates her birthday with these kids. But for this year, Ms. Anne is not present, as she is abroad. 
Her mother and siblings are here to represent her. 
CCF arrived early to prepare and set up our booth and decorate the place with balloons. 
A lot of children benefited from the gift-giving courtesy of Ms Anne, to the delight of the event coordinator. Even the donors danced with Chummy Chum just to make the sick patients happy.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Chummy Chum with Ms. Joan and Friends for Birthday Bash at PCMC

CCF went to Agham Road Quezon City to fulfill Ms. Joana’s lifelong wish to spend her special day with less fortunate kids. 
Chummy Chum brought Ms. Joana to meet the Cancer kid patients of Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC), a government hospital especially for children. 
It is just sad to know that if a doctor recommends a child here, that would mean he/she has a serious or terminal disease.
 This day Chummy Chum and Ms Joana and her group is here to share their blessings to 100 cancer kid patients (OPD and inpatients).

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chummy Chum Graces Gospel Church Manila’s 8th Anniversary

CCF Team went to Malate Manila to attend Gospel Church Manila’s 8th Anniversary Celebration. 
For 2 years, GCM and CCF’s partnership is efficient in helping poor children living under the bridge and along the railroad tracks of San Andres Bukid in Malate, Manila. 
GCM teaches children about God and instill in them good values and fear of the Lord so they will not do bad things. It’s good that GCM starts teaching them while they are young so that these children will grow up as good and responsible citizens. 
Today, CCF is one with GCM in providing joy to these children through games and a short program wherein Chummy Chum came out to render a dance number. 
The children all went home happy as they bring along freebies courtesy of Chummy Chum.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chummy Chum Brings Joy to OPD Patients of Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital

CCF Team headed to Tala, Caloocan City to spread cheer to children at the Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital OPD Section. It has been six months since we last visited the hospital. 
Almost fifty (50) poor kids were there for their scheduled checkup and were lucky enough to receive freebies from Chummy Chum. 
We encounter different kids every time we come here for a visit and we always get queries as to why we do what we do. As what our big boss tells us, Chummy Chum doing even a simple act of kindness will create endless ripples and will inspire others to do the same. 
As we go about our visits to public hospitals, we can see a lot of improvement such as shorter waiting time for children and their medical needs, being attended to.  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chummy Chum with Rotaract San Pedro South’s Gift-Giving at NCH-Miscellaneous Ward

Chummy Chum headed to National Children’s Hospital upon the request of Rotaract Club of San Pedro South for their gift-giving activity at the Miscellaneous Ward of the said hospital. Here is where the sick children with infections and other serious diseases are confined. 
The kids here are not used to having parties unlike those at the Hema ward at the 4th floor. Unlike the kids at the Hema Ward wherein kids are obviously excited even hours before the program, the children at the Misc Ward were very shy, same with the Rotaractors who are the sponsors of the event. 
The kids were very grateful for the gifts from RAC San Pedro South, but it would have been better if the Rotaractors were more participative and have conveyed their message clearly. As with the numerous charity activities we have organized and attended, we think that it is not enough to just give but they also have to tell their benefactors the purpose on why they do it. This would make their benefactors clearly understand their group's mission. 
Also due to miscommunication, we didn't even get to have a picture together with the organizers.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Chummy Chum at Gift Giving event in Ospital ng Maynila – OPD

The group headed to Roxas Boulevard for the gift-giving activity at Ospital ng Maynila and we were delighted to find out that our favorite director, Dr. Cando is back as director of the said hospital. Because he is one of the few who truly appreciates the help we do to public hospitals. 
CCF does not expect anything in return with the help we give but showing importance in all the efforts that we give is a big thing for us and makes us want to help them more. 
We used to have a hard time getting a schedule from the previous director even if we really wanted to help the hospital. Now that Dr. Cando is there, OM can look forward to many visits from CCF.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chummy Chum Joins ‘PEAC-TA MARINO’ Family Day

CCF Team headed to Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City to grace the Philippine Marine’s Family Day. We were there upon the invitation of one of the officials, to spread cheer to children of Marine soldiers who belong to the lower level income status. 
As we set up our booth we noticed that most of the sponsors present were there to either promote their product or their own station networks, contrary to what we do wherein we give joy to children without any compromise. That is why a lot of people are grateful and even want to meet CCF President to personally thank him for his generosity and genuine care to Filipino kids.
After the program and march, the children of marine soldiers started to form a line to different booths including ours. The kids became more excited when Chummy Chum came out to entertain them. The children ran towards the mascot and hugged him as if he was a huge stuff toy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chummy Chum with Ms. Emmaruth and Family at National Children’s Hospital

After the morning event, CCF team went straight to National Children Hospital in the afternoon, upon the request of Ms. Emmaruth as they share their blessings to the cancer patients. 

CCF Team was the first to arrive and we immediately set up our booth, cook popcorns and organize the distribution of stubs to the parents of the patients so that when the donors arrive, everything is ready. 

Ms. Emmaruth and family brought along many food for the children. 

This is the 2nd year that we have worked with them in giving happiness and sharing the blessings with the children.

Chummy Chum at GMA Kapuso Foundation’s ‘Gift for A Cause’ Project

CCF team started the day by heading to Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Atrium in Quezon City for GMA Kapuso Foundation’s event. 
In our 4-years of partnership with them along with Mr. & Mrs. Sison, we saw the different faces of children afflicted with cancer. 
It is always heartbreaking to see them, and see the pain behind their sweet smiles. That is why in every invitation we receive for cancer –afflicted children, we make it a point to prepare lots of gifts for them. 
For this day we are sure that the children of Cancer Champion 2014 will be very happy with the numerous gifts from us and Mr. & Mrs. Sison such as toiletries, school supplies, lootbags, fruits, toys, glitter balls, as well as breakfast and lunch of the children and parents. 
Because of the generosity of the Sison couple, even the artists present were very thankful to CCF.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chummy Chum’s Surprise Visit to SPECS Foundation's Sponsored Community

CCF graced the request of SPECS Foundation Community and went to one of their community beneficiaries located in a landfill in Paranaque City. 
This is our first time to go to the said place. The place is similar to Smokey Mountain and Baseco in Tondo, Manila wherein the families’ primary living is to scavenging. 
The organizers initially told us to prepare popcorns and freebies for 100 kids but when we got there, we were welcomed by 300 children including those that are bare-footed and unkempt. 
Good thing CCF was prepared for this kind of situation and brought just enough supply of popcorns and freebies to accommodate all the children. We prepared 350 popcorns and gave away coloring books to the little kids and we are happy to see the beautiful smiles on their faces. 
We promised them that we will come back and bring with us generous donors that will give them a complete party.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Chummy Chum Celebrates Children’s Month with Kaisang-Buhay Foundation

CCF team went to Project 4 in Quezon City upon the request of Kaisang-Buhay Foundation (KBF) as they celebrate ‘Children’s Month’. 
KBF works under DSWD and helps poor children of Project 4 especially from Epheta Foundation for the Blind. These are children of our visually-impaired brothers and sisters housed at the Center. They have a day care center and they are celebrating Children’s Month. 
This year’s theme encouraged the children to wear national costumes of different countries. 
CCF arrived at the venue halfway through the program that’s why we rushed to set up our booth and cook 300 bags of popcorn for the children.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chummy Chum Graces Ms. Emelyn’s Birthday at Makati Fundamental Baptist Church

After  the Dasmarinas event, CCF headed straight to Tejeros, Makati in the afternoon, to be at Ms. Emelyn’s Birthday Celebration. 

The event was held at Makati Fundamental Baptist Church wherein Ms. Emelyn and family treated the poor children from their community. 

This is the first time that we get to work with Ms. Evelyn and she is very happy to share her blessings to the poorest of the poor just like Chummy Chum Foundation.

Chummy Chum with SMF for SM Dasmarinas Medical Mission

CCF Team started the day by going to SM Dasmarinas for another Medical Mission with SM Foundation. 
The activity was held at the mall’s parking lot. The organizers were so accommodating and kind to us that is why we love working with them and providing freebies for the children who avail their free medical services. 
It is but heartening to know that SMF prioritize underprivileged kids that cannot afford to  buy medicines and rely solely on the free medicines that the Foundation gives them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chummy Chum Visits OSTON with 143 Group and I-Juander Staff

CCF received a call from I-Juander staff, they wanted to produce a story in a rush for an episode of their program. They wanted to meet the founder of CCF but they are running out of time. They decided to just film CCF in one of our events and create a story segment out of it. 
So we arranged a visit to Ospital ng Tondo (OSTON) and Dr. Cando, the Hospital Director readily agreed for the rush interview and also allowed I-Juander to film their segment in the hospital. With them is 143 Group boy band. 
They started filming us as we set up the booth and prepare the popcorns. Chummy Chum came out and entertain the children at the OPD, then we distributed freebies. 
After the gift-giving, we were interviewed by the segment host. We were asked as to why we do what we do and what are the benefits we gain from it. We answered that we are happy serving the less fortunate by doing charity work. They also asked why our boss is doing this, and we answered that this is his way of giving back for all the blessings that he and his family received. 
The segment will be aired on Nov. 12, 8pm at Channel 11. The show wanted the viewers to follow CCF’s lead in giving happiness and sharing our blessings especially to less fortunate children whole year round.