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Celebrating the good life with the less fortunate children.

Updated: 4 days ago

25 April 2024

Indigent Children

SPECS Foundation

Another avid fan group of a known newbie girl band has contacted Chummy Chum for collaboration at a charity event. They dedicate the event to their idol Colet, the lead member of the Filipino girl group BINI. One of its members, who requested to keep her identity anonymous, communicated with the Chummy Chum team via the FB page. The discussion was quick. They chose the children from one of the most depressed areas in Paranaque, under the supervision of the SPECS Foundation. SPECS takes care of the community worker development in the city.

As soon as the event was arranged, the fan group entrusted everything to CCFPI, they knew, they would never go wrong with Chummy Chum.

The day came. The Chummy Chum team arrived early at the venue. The Clown-Duo was already there too. Together, they set up the place with a table overloaded with food packs, toys, gifts from the Colet BINI Fan Group, and special gifts and yummy treats from the Chummy Chum team. The wall was adorned with colorful balloons. Fortunately for the children, the venue was fully airconditioned where Chummy Chum (the mascot) could come and play with the children. In this extremely hot weather, Chummy Chum (the mascot) could only perform on days at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius.

The program started with joyful talks and a magic show by the Clown Duo. They also did some parlor games with prizes for all the winners. There was dancing and singing of the children as part of the games. At the end of the program, Chummy Chum came out and did a dance performance, stayed for a while, and played with the children while bubbles flew in the air making that moment magical for the children. The children couldn’t help hugging Chummy Chum, which was dearly reciprocated. It was a beautiful and heartwarming scene.

The day was just celebrating the good life with the less fortunate children. The moment was priceless.

Thanks to all who made this wonderful day possible – BINI Colet Fan Group. Special thanks to Clearlogic Inc. for letting the team use its company vehicle for this event.

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