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A blissful day in Bahay Aruga.

Once again, as she always does, a long-time voluntary partner-donor of the Chummy Chum Foundation – Mrs. Sison, sent her love to the children of the Bahay Aruga – Paranaque, a Free Halfway House for Street Children with Special Needs. Mrs. Sison has been a partner of the foundation ever since. Sharing her blessings to the most unfortunate is one of her priorities in life, and Chummy Chum Foundation is very grateful to be a trusted channel of the blessings to the children.

With the strong collaborations of the Chummy Chum Foundation and Mrs. Sison, a Php 10,000 worth of food and grocery items were successfully delivered on the morning of March 2, 2021. It will serve plates of all-time-favorite food to all children and staff of the Bahay Aruga.

Thank you for the love Mrs. Sison.

(the amount has to be mentioned for transparency purposes)

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