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A Buffet Treat from Ms. Sarah to the Less-fortunate Children from Silong Tanglaw and Its Community

January 8, 2017

Ms. Sarah and her friends with Chummy Chum, the Clowns, and the children of Silong Tanglaw.

QUEZON CITY – We met Ms. Sarah through e-mail when she asked for our help on where to to conduct a gift-giving around Quezon City. We suggested Silong Tanglaw at Quezon City. Because Silong Tanglaw only has 28 children in it, we invited a few children from its community to join us in the party. Ms. Sarah brought along a catering service who went to the event an hour earlier. When we arrived, we prepared our booth. The children from the community were welcomed by the clowns as they played games. The games made the children tired and hungry. But, they were served food provided by Ms. Sarah and her friends.

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