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A fun day at the Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital.

September 2, 2022: Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital (JJASGH), Tondo Manila.

The Chummy Chum team visited the children who were having their medical check-ups at the Pedia – Out Patient Department, JJASGH located in Tondo, Manila. It was a year or two when they last conducted a charity event in the hospital.

Like the team always do they’ve prepared and arrived at the venue early. As they arrive at the hospital, there were many busy people in the front lobby, safety protocol was being conducted and the team patiently waited to be cleared and permitted to get inside the premise. The team understood it, they need to be mindful of the children’s safety all the time.

As soon as they got in, they set up the place with tables full of gifts and yummy treats. The popcorn machine started to cook the popcorn. All the children were so excited, for a while, they feel so alive as if they were not feeling ill at all. The fun was intensified when Chummy Chum (the mascot) appeared before the children. Chummy Chum exchanged high-fives with the children, and a few danced. He stayed for a while as he helped distribute the gifts to the children.

Children were delighted with all the good things that were prepared for them. It was a fun day at the JJASGH.

Thank you too to our voluntary partner-donors of Nutribooster energy cereals, pretty paper bags and toys care of Geschaft Equipment. The Chummy Chum team will be forever grateful for your generosity for the sake of the children in need of love and care.

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