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A loving heart never gets tired.

Ms. E has been a voluntary donor to the sick and underprivileged children she met through the Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines, for almost a decade now. She never gets tired of reaching out to the needy. She used to ask the foundation how can she help. Ms. E sends help directly to the children and joins us in various Charity Events whenever she can.

The founders, management, and Rowena’s team are very happy and grateful to Ms. E. (She doesn’t want to be named publicly) for trusting Chummy Chum as her channel to reach out to the most in need.

Each one received Php 1,000 deposited directly to their GCash account.

1. Mark Xander Gabriel Mayordomo, 6, ALL

2. Alexa Mae Angeles, 2, Meningocile & Hydrocephalus

3. Mark Kenji Esteban, 5, ALL

4. Sidney Leigh M. Dungo, 3, ALL

5. Riley Jane Capoquian, 2, Hydrocephalus

Ms. E, bless your heart with love and peace, and may you continue living a happy and successful life. Thank you for your love and kindness.

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