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A partner donor shared his blessings with the children at the National Children's Hospital

20 April 2023

National Children’s Hospital

Chummy Chum and anonymous donor Sir D visited the children confined at the Hema Ward of the National Children’s Hospital (NCH). Sir D shared a considerable amount for the benefit of the children confined at the hospital and those who were having a medical check-up at the OPD on the day.

Sir D's shares produced gifts and food packs enough for all the children at the hospital.

Chummy Chum combined Sir D’s shares with Chummy’s personalized coloring and activity book with crayons, pillows, wristbands, and freshly cooked popcorn. What made the moment special was the personal appearance of Chummy Chum who checked on each child on the hospital bed. Seeing Chummy Chum around, made the children feel better for a while.

The children were happily posing for pictures with Chummy Chum.

Thank you Sir D for the thoughts of caring for the sick children and the wonderful gifts that came along with it.

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