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A special day for the children at Philippine Cancer Institute, PGH.

December 23, 2022 (4PM): Philippine Cancer Institute – PGH.

Chummy Chum visited the ailing children from the Philippine Cancer Institute – Philippine General Hospital. The team brought food packs, loot bags with yummy treats, gifts as well as Chummy Chum personalized gifts such as Chummy pillows, coloring books with crayons, and wristbands, given to each of the children in the queue that day.

A special surprise was each child’s family received a Noche Buena Package courtesy of Chummy’s partner donors: Ms. Elaine, Mam Luisa and friends, and Mrs. Castro.

Paper tubs of freshly cooked popcorn were also distributed to all who were in the area, the patients, parents, nurses, and hospital staff.

The happiest moment of the day, was when Chummy Chum appeared and stayed for a while to say hello. The moment was brief, but indeed a memorable one. Thank you all so much who made it possible. God Bless.

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