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A surprising visit to the National Children’s Hospital.

Amidst the health crisis, the Chummy Chum team together with its long-time partner-donors made their way to send love and care for the patients at the Pediatric – OPD, and Hema-Ward at the National Children’s Hospital (NCH). With the generosity of our donors and the untiring effort of our team, a successful Hospital Pantry happened on July 2, 2021.

All the sick children were surprised and happy to see the Chummy Chum team, as they haven’t seen them for quite a time (since the start of the pandemic). They were like waiting or expecting to see something, or someone – but yes, Chummy Chum (the mascot) himself was not able to join, adhering to the strict health protocol being implemented by the government.

With the social distancing and face mask on, all the children in the morning of July 2 got to pick food and treats from the Chummy Chum Charity Table.

Aside from the sick children, the administration, nurses, and doctors of the hospital, as well as the parents were very thankful, excited, and happy about the surprising blessings that came unto them that day.

Thank you to our partner donors. May your heart be blessed with more love, and your life with more happiness and abundance.

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