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An unexpected gift for little Jefferson.

No 54

Jefferson Abadinas, 4, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

It has been a struggle emotionally, physically, and financially for the family with no sufficient source of income to provide for their bundle of joy. Little Jefferson has been fighting blood cancer and dependent on whatever his parents could do for him. The father is a Grab food driver for which income has never been stable since the onset of the pandemic. It is really painful for the head of the family to come home after an entire day under the heat of the sun, working hard to make meet ends, but not enough to provide for the medical needs of their sick child. The mother has to stop working to take care of Jefferson.

Perhaps, this blessing that Chummy Chum Foundation has brought is really intended for little Jefferson. It was just a quick thought of the Chummy Chum team to deliver the help to Jefferson whose request was not granted last year due to the overwhelming number of families asking for help at that time. Little Jefferson received cash assistance for his medical needs, formula milk, nutritious food, toys, a set of coloring books with crayons, and something to share with the family.

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