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Bringing Joy to Children from Masaya Homes Orphanage.

Every year, sir Rolly dedicates himself to celebrating his special day with the less fortunate children. This year, he chose to be with the children from the Mayasa Homes Orphanage run by Virlanie Foundation in Makati City.

It was a gloomy day on May 15, 2022 (Sunday) with scattered rain showers. The team woke up early and prepared excitedly, as for the first time, they will get to meet the children of Masaya Homes. They drove on the Chummy Chum truck in a high and cheerful spirit.

As the team arrived, the children from inside the shelter got so excited when they hear the Chummy Chum jingle. The music was all over the place while the team set up the venue with the table of food, gifts, as well as the cotton candy and popcorn machine.

The Masaya Homes careworkers have put on the children with fine clothes, making the children more excited. The children were already happy just with the mere sight of all the good treats they were seeing around them which they know were all intended for them. They started to line up for the popcorn and cotton candy.

Finally, the long wait ended as Chummy Chum came out dancing to the tune of the Chummy Chum Jingle medley. The children happily danced with Chummy Chum.

After the dancing and laughing, the children eat together with their second mothers, volunteers, and the Chummy Chum team. Then, gifts and give-away were distributed to each of them.

The event justifies the name of the shelter – Masaya or Happy in the English translation, as truly, all of the children there, despite being deprived of the care of their own biological parents, but never deprived of the genuine love that many people are very pleased to give them, and that love, they felt it that very special day. It was the first time again when they had a children’s party since March 2020 at the onset of the pandemic.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs.Sison, for the food, groceries, loot bags, Pinkrocket for Topokki, toys care of SM Store Sucat, Ma’am Rona for dainty paper bags, and Chummy Chum for the love and efforts making sure to always deliver fun and joy for the unfortunate children.

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