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Bringing joy to the children along the riverside of C5 Extension.

They were just so excited. They got up early. Most of them even wore their best dresses as if it was a special day (for them). They were waiting for something that they’ve been promised a day before when they received a small piece of paper saying “food stub for Nov. 3”.

They were even happier to see some good stuff inside a small plastic bag: A pack of spaghetti, vanilla cake, chocolates, fruit juice, mini stuff toy, wristband, crayons, and a coloring book. A simple pack of goodies brings a lot of joy and painted big smiles on their faces.

(We were about to pack up when a little boy came towards us crying, his mother lost his food stub and he thought he could never get one. That’s how each child treasures what we had prepared. For them it’s like winning the grand prize.)

100 children from one of the poorest communities along the C5 Extension.

It has also become a special day for volunteers who have helped us in the distribution and execute the event. Their hearts were filled with joy as they engaged with the children. Very brief moment but memorable. That day was just amazing. We wish to do more a lot of these in the coming days.

Thanks so much to all volunteers. Thanks so much, Chummy Chum.

Photo credits to Mr. GC and Mr. RF: every picture has a great story to tell.

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