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Bringing joy to the children at Hema Ward, PGH.

September 6, 2022: PGH Cancer Institute, Taft Ave.Manila.

Every year on his birthday, Kuya Rex chooses to celebrate his special day with terminally ill children we call “little warriors”. For most of this initiative, he does it with Chummy Chum.

The Chummy Chum team is always gracious to join with voluntary partner donors in giving joy to disadvantaged children, and Kuya Rex has been a partner for many years now.

On the day of the event, Chummy Chum and Kuya Rex surprised the children at the Hema-Ward of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). The team set up a table full of gifts and yummy treats while Kuya Rex started to meet the children one by one. Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined the crowd which made the children cheer as if they are not going through health difficulties. Chummy Chum stayed for a while to play with the children. Afterward, Kuya Rex, the team, and Chummy Chum distributed the food and gifts that were all prepared for them.

The event was brief but definitely one of the most memorable surprises the children could have ever experienced so far.

Thank you, Kuya Rex, and belated happiest birthday to you.


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