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Bringing joy to the children of Oasi Di Gioa Per Bambini.

28 July 2022, Oasi Di Gioa Per Bambini.

Chummy Chum surprised the children from Oasi.

With the support of a voluntary partner – donor Geschaft Equipment Corporation, the day was filled with joy not only for the children but also for the sisters, caregivers, and staff of Oasi.

Chummy Chum’s visit to Oasi was very timely as they’ve been going through some challenges in catching up with their daily needs.

While the partner-donor gave lots of gifts and food to share with everyone, Chummy Chum brought joy by spending time playing with the children and gave them the experience of just being happy at a children’s party-like event.

The most memorable was the site of the children so excited seeing Chummy Chum (the mascot) walking toward them. The children were so happy. Each child received a Chummy Chum pillow that would keep them reminded of their unforgettable encounter with Chummy Chum once in their life.

The day’s event is not over yet, as the Chummy Chum team will bring 1 Cavan (50kgs) of rice to Oasi on the following day.

Thank you to the founder of Chummy Chum Foundation, for the untiring service of the team. Special thanks to Geschaft for the toys, school supplies, food pack, and a cavan of rice. The event was brief but definitely a successful one.

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