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Making the children feel they are seen, appreciated, cared for and loved.

Updated: Jun 18

14 June 2024

Binondo, Manila

Even after more than a decade of missions, the Chummy Chum team still feels overwhelmed with joy every time they serve the less fortunate children. Every smile from these children brought tears of joy to their eyes—a profound and deeply moving experience that everyone should experience and have the privilege to witness.

It was a sweltering day as the Chummy Chum team drove into the 'almost-forsaken' area of Binondo. Despite the heat, they were eager and excited to meet the children and share the surprises they had prepared for them.

The children were overjoyed upon the team's arrival. It was a rare occasion for them to receive guests bearing surprises just for them. They became even more excited when their special guest emerged from one of the huts where they had gathered - none other than Chummy Chum himself, and it was their first time seeing him up close and personal.

That brief moment was undoubtedly one of the most memorable for the children, as they felt seen, appreciated, cared for, and loved.

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