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Caring for the children from along the train railways.

25 June 2024

Bringing joy to the children living along the

Train railways


It was a short-notice chat message from Ms. Margaret who was determined to celebrate her birthday with the children who she felt the most in need, the children who live along the train railways in Sucat, Paranaque.


Crushing in time, the Chummy Chum team could not decline such a birthday wish. In between events, the team pulled extra time to prepare for Ms. Margaret’s event, and she’s celebrating with her twin sister Ms. Margaux.


The day has come, the twins, overflowing with joy and compassion on their birthday, brought bundles of surprises for the less fortunate children living along the train railways. Their excitement was palpable as they arrived with a plethora of gifts, treats, and supplies for the children. Together with Chummy Chum, the twins set up a special celebration area near the railway community. They spread out their surprises — food packs, a variety of toys, and essential items, along with Chummy Chum’s yummy treats and special gifts, creating a scene of abundance and delight for the children.


A clown entertained the children with a magic show and parlor games. The most fun part was when Chummy Chum joined the twins in a dance performance. The children cheered. They were simply delighted at that moment, knowing that they were seen, loved and cared for.


The twins and Chummy Chum led the distribution of all the good things they prepared for the children. There was a lot for each child, so numerous that children couldn't possibly carry them all with their tiny arms alone.


Throughout the event, Chummy Chum, the twins, and their loved ones interacted warmly with the children sharing moments of laughter and joy. They played games together, enjoyed snacks, and created a festive atmosphere that brightened everyone's spirits.

For the twins, seeing the happiness and excitement on the children's faces was the best birthday gift they could have asked for. Their generosity and kindness left a lasting impact on the community, demonstrating the power of compassion and the joy of giving.


As the celebration came to an end, the twins and their family felt a deep sense of fulfillment. They had not only celebrated their birthday in a meaningful way but had also made a positive difference in the lives of those who needed it most.

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