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Celebrating birthday with compassion for the underserved children.

27 June 2024

Children from Brgy. 600, Sta. Mesa


Chummy Chum made Ms. Rachelle's birthday special by spending time with the indigent children from Barangay 600 in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Ms. Rachelle Go, the founder of WeCarePh, has been a long-time partner of Chummy Chum in giving joy to underserved children.


Navigating through difficult conditions to reach the children, the Chummy Chum team pursued despite challenges like narrow roads and crowded areas. As they arrived at the covered court, the volunteers were there with all the children they gathered to be part of something meaningful. The venue was filled with children who were seated on properly arranged chairs and tables.


The children's eyes lit up with joy and excitement when they saw all the good things being set up on the table, knowing that it was all for them. The sight of treats, gifts, or whatever was arranged for them made them feel valued and cherished, reinforcing the spirit of celebration and care that surrounded the Charity Event Birthday Party. It's beautiful to imagine their smiles and the happiness they must have felt in that moment.


The program was hosted by the celebrator herself assisted by her team. There were a lot of games that the children truly enjoyed. The most fun part was when Chummy Chum (the mascot) joined and played with them. The children were delighted to meet (for the first time) Chummy Chum up close and personal.


All the children received food packs, yummy snacks, and special gifts that the Chummy Chum and WeCarePH prepared for them.


Celebrating by bringing joy to those who are less fortunate is such a meaningful way to mark a birthday. It shows compassion, empathy, and a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate children and the community they live in.


(Special thanks to Wecareph Charity Organization for donating Vitasoy to our volunteers for future charity events.)

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