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Celebrating Lucas birthday with the most in need children.

Updated: Jun 28

21 June 2024

Celebrating Lucas’ Birthday in a meaningful way.


Mommy Karen understands the virtue of being selfless and caring for the most in need. Leading by example, she wanted instill these values in her child. She was looking for an opportunity for her son, Lucas, to practice them. She contacted Chummy Chum and wished to celebrate her child’s birthday with the underserved children. 


Lucas just turned 6, already experienced the joy of sharing with the most in need, an experience that nurtures his young mind with a sense of empathy, kindness, and social responsibility.


On that day, the children were thrilled with all the fun and joy prepared for them. There was a clown who entertained them with a magic show and parlor games. The most fun part was the appearance of Chummy Chum (the mascot) who did a dance performance and helped in the distribution of the food and gifts.


Together with Chummy Chum, Lucas received his precious gift, a heart full of compassion, selflessness, and caring towards others, and the path towards a noble endeavor.


Salute to Mommy Karen for a beautiful aspiration as a parent to lead her child to live a meaningful life.


Special thanks to Divisoria Community Pantry for sharing boxes of Vitasoy Milk with the children.


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