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Celebrating the Blessings of Life in a Meaningful Way

1 April 2023 (Sat) ChildHaus with Sir Lance and son

Sir Lance wished to celebrate his son’s 1st birthday with Chummy Chum and the children from ChildHaus. Chummy Chum graciously granted the wish.

The unwell children who temporarily live in ChildHaus were very happy to meet the celebrator and the joy that he brought to them. There were lots of food and gifts, fun games, magic, and a puppet show by a friendly clown who also took pride in performing the storytelling about Chummy Chum.

At the end of the story. Chummy Chum (the mascot) came out and joined the children in his dance performance. All the children were very happy as well as their parents, caregivers, and volunteers for the fun-filled caravan brought by the Chummy Chum team, Sir Lance with his family and friends. The children received food packs, yummy treats, special gifts as well as toys as prizes for the games from the SM Store.

Giving back to the needy is such a meaningful way of celebrating life and all the blessings in it.

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