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Chef Miguel celebrated his birthday with the children of Oasi Di Gioa Per Bambini.

September 23,2022: Oasi Di Gioa Per Bambini Orphanage, Tunasan Muntinlupa.

Saffron Catering called to Chummy Chum office through the mobile number they found on the website. They wished to collaborate with the foundation once again to share their blessings with the most in need. They were hoping to give joy to the children from the orphanage.

The Chummy Chum team immediately arranged and chose Oasi Di Gioa Per Bambini orphanage. It was the second time the team met the children from the orphanage. The first was two months ago, that’s why the children were so excited when they saw the Chummy Chum truck parked inside their shelter’s compound. They almost know what was about to happen.

The initiative of Saffron Catering was to celebrate chef Miguel’s birthday, the owner. Chef Miguel and his wife brought delicious food meticulously prepared for the children, along with gifts and entertainment by a duo of funny clowns. The Chummy Chum team also brought its personalized freebies along with popcorn and a cotton candy machine which its own treats were simultaneously served to the children during the entire event.

The children get hyped when Chummy Chum (the mascot) came and danced with them while the Chummy Chum jingle medley was playing.

The children offered a birthday song for chef Miguel together with Chummy Chum and everybody else in the room.

Thank you Saffron Catering for always thinking of helping the most in need. Thank you to Ms.Elaine for sending the Santa candies.

(Children’s faces are not shown for their security and protection).


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