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Children’s Day with Chummy Chum

July 15,2022, Tramo Central Group, Palanyag Gym, Paranaque.

Chummy Chum joined Tramo Central Group in the celebration of Children’s Day conducted at Palanyag Gym, Paranaque.

The event was focused on the less fortunate children from Palanyag. The Chummy Chum team was excited to meet them. As they head to the venue, the team got worried a bit due to the traffic jam along the way but came in just in time.

The team started setting up the table with food and gifts. The children went frenzy seeing all those good treats they knew were all meant for them. The event was hosted with playful talks by a volunteer from Tramo Central Group. Parlor games added to the fun. Later part of the event, the Chummy Chum jingle medley surfaced in the air, then Chummy Chum (the mascot) came out to meet, play and dance with the kids. The gift-giving followed just before the event had ended. All the children and the parents were very happy.

Thank you to the Central Group for a great program, to the founder of Chummy Chum for the unending sharing of blessings to the most in need, to Pinkrocket for the Korean Rice pasta, and to all parents who have assisted all their children and managed a peaceful and orderly event.

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