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Chummy Chum Along W/ PHAP Cares for Christmas Outreach Activity for HIV Positive Kids

Date: December 10, 2016

Most of these kids were born without knowing that they are affected by HIV. This is brought about by the irresponsible behavior of the parents in terms of sexual intercourse.

According to the doctors, it takes ten (10) years for HIV to manifest so it such a pity that these innocent children will be afflicted with the said virus.

The said children were laughing and playing as if they are normal kids without any disease at all.

They enjoyed the party so much that the kids were smiling, laughing and dancing along with Chummy Chum.

According to their Head, there were some instances that a kid seems fine and strong as he plays, but die the next time because one of his organs was already destroyed by the AIDS virus.

Thank you to Ms. Elaine for the balloons and Sir Pervi Chatlani for the story books. We intend not to disclose the identities of the children for their protection.

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