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Chummy Chum Bring Smiles to SPED Kids of Bagbag Elementary School

Date: November 18, 2016 CCF Team went to Bagbag Novaliches in Quezon City to grace the outreach activity of Project as they spread cheer and joy to SPED students of Bagbag Elementary School.

Project Outreach has requested us to find SPED beneficiaries near their place and we searched for public elementary schools in Novaliches that caters to SPED children.

We found Bagbag Elementary School and immediately secure permit for the said outreach activity.

Everything went well and we scheduled the event. Both groups arrived at the venue early and we immediately set up our booth.

There were lots of activities prepared such as games and magic show, to the delight of the children.

Chummy Chum rendered a dance number and during the gift giving, it was Santa Claus’ turn to make the kids happy as he distributed gifts and toys courtesy of Chummy Chum and Project Outreach.

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