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Chummy Chum Brings Joy to Poor Kids of Panapaan 5 in Bacoor

After the morning event, CCF staff headed straight to Panapaan 5 in Bacoor, Cavite for another gift giving activity as requested by a group of women of the said community.

This event almost got cancelled because of lack of follow up from their group and they also cancelled the booking for the clown because of their constrained budget. The group mention that they will give a token for CCF and when we learned that this is in monetary form (P1,000), we decided to use said money for the clowns for the sake of the children.

It was their first time to avail the services of the clowns and they noticed that the children became more participative. There were lots of food, game prizes, toys and gifts plus Chummy Chum freebies in store for the children.

However, there were some who took some prizes that were intended for the children and we politely told them that those were for the poor kids but instead of complying, the person snapped back at us so we immediately left the place because of the bad attitude accorded to us. We are just saddened that there are still people who are supposedly educated but have bad manners.

Charity events should prioritize beneficiaries which are underprivileged kids and we at CCF conduct the services for free, the least they could do is to make sure that Chummy Chum freebies will be given to intended beneficiaries and not to the organizer.

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