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Chummy Chum brings Joy to SPED Kids of Bay Central Elem School

CCF went to Bay Central Elementary School for the SPED Kids’ post-Christmas party held at the said school.

The original schedule was December 15 but due to typhoon it postponed and we decide to hold it by January. It was the SPED Kids’ 1stday of school for the year 2016. When we got to the venue, the children were already waiting for us so we immediately set up our things and started to cook popcorn while the teachers conducted games for the children.

Ms. Ruth contributed lots of prizes for the children. Ms. Ruth has long been helping us by sharing her blessings to less fortunate children.

After the games, the kids were given gifts. Big thank you to Ms. Ivy for the food, Ms. Ruth for the gifts and Mr. EJ for the ice cream.

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