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.Chummy Chum Celebrates Ospital ng Tondo’s 25th Anniversary by Providing Health Services to Indigent

May 17, 2019 Friday 8am to 10am Ospital ng Tondo at Jose Abad ave.Tondo Manila.

Spreading love and joy to children is what the Chummy Chum mission all about. With the help of friends from Ospital ng Tondo, the foundation was able to provide health services to indigent children in the celebration of the hospital’s 25th anniversary. Chummy Chum foundation is always welcome to partner with public hospitals and could readily conduct charity events at all times unless the hospital’s board of directors changed (like in the case of Ospital ng Tondo) when Chummy Chum had to write an introduction letter and ask permission to conduct an event at the hospital’s premises, for which the team was granted right away.

After this, the team tirelessly prepared all the stuff and freebies for give-away on an approved gate pass and donation receipts. The next day, they got all the stuff loaded on the truck making sure they did not miss anything, then they hit the road in no time. Arriving at the venue, the parking attendant was already expecting them and assisted as soon as they embark on the area. The booth was set up at the OPD pediatric ward, where indigent families were lined up for free treatment for their ailing children. Mothers and children both got excited to see the team came up with the booth, and happiness flowed as soon as gifts and snacks were given away. Patients at the OPD pediatric wards are mostly empty-handed, and so this token that Chummy Chum brought was certainly a great deal for them, and for that, they were so thankful and wishes that Chummy Chum could always be around.

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