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Chummy Chum Celebrates Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC) 39th Anniversary With Less Fortunat

April 24, 2019 Wednesday 9am to 12nn Philippine Children Medical Center Agham Rd Quezon City.

Chummy Chum celebrated with PCMC’s 39thanniversary by sharing gifts and having fun with the less-fortunate ailing children. This children’s hospital is privately established hence receives funds from the government to subsidize the medical needs of the ailing children from indigent families. The hospital is open to all pediatric patients with families from all walks of life, but the free medical service is given to the poorest ones. For over a decade, Chummy Chum Foundation has been conducting charity events in the hospital.

They’ve witnessed how nurses and social service staff prioritize those who are proven empty-handed, making sure that they would get the treatment they need at no cost. It is worth to note that every time the team comes around, children (poor and well-off) would run towards Chummy Chum, and well-off children with selfless hearts would let the poor ones go first for gifts and freebies.

On this day, as Chummy Chum celebrates with the hospital, the team together with the Chummy Chum mascot and partner-donors gave at least 50 food and gift stubs to the chosen children as they walked around. Everyone with stub received special gifts and treats from Chummy Chum. Thanks to all partner-donors.

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