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Chummy Chum Celebrates World Smile Day at OPD-Pedia of Ospital ng Tondo

Chummy Chum spread cheer to kids at the out-patient department Pedia section of Ospital ng Tondo as they celebrate “Children’s Month”.

Whenever we’re not that busy, we always find time to visit government hospitals and on this day, we went to one of our favorite public hospital located at Jose Abad, Tondo, Manila.

The staff and directors here are very kind and accommodating. We never had a hard time in the said hospital. The gift-giving went well and the kid patients were very grateful to Chummy Chum and CCF.

Thank you to Ms. Elaine and Sir Gary for the lootbags and some toys.

Photo shows a kid having a great time coloring the books given to her by Chummy Chum

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