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Chummy Chum Entertains Poor Kids Around Sacred Heart Parish Church With Ms. Edith, Her Family and He

December 24, 2016

BRGY. MORNING BREEZE, CALOOCAN CITY – In almost 5 years of partnership with Ma’am Edith and her sister, Ma’am Elvie, in giving happines to children in need, we have received a lot of thank yous. This year, their Christmas gift-giving was held at a covered court where 6 tables and 150 chairs were wonderfully decorated. The party was a complete one; having 4 clowns, lechon, pancit, rice, juice, ice cream, balloons, etc. The balloons were evenly distributed and taped on each of the chairs. The kids loved the balloons on their chairs. The party started with the games lead by the clowns. While playing games, they were given popcorn as snack. There were dance numbers from the children living in the community around Sacred Heart Church and from the kids of Sacred Heart Church. Then, Chummy Chum gave them a dance number and let them have a picture-taking with him. Foods were then distributed to the children. When they were full, Santa Claus showed to give each children a gift.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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