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Chummy Chum Foundation Joins OFW Family Circle Association for early Christmas Treat to PWD kids

CCF team went to Abucay, Bataan for the OFW Family Circle Association’s early Christmas Treat to PWD kids.

We prepared for this trip for a month, asking our generous donors & friends for help. Thank you Ma’am Thadi for donating 60 toys, Sir Rexford for lootbags and Ms. Anjee for prizes and games.

It was an early call for us, 5am we were already at the office. We are glad to see that there so many volunteers for this event. Once we are good to go, we headed on the road and fetched the Clowns in Mindanao Avenue.

We arrived at Brgy. Gabon, Abucay, Bataan by 10:00AM. We immediately set up our booth because there were already children waiting at that time.

We were given breakfast by the host as we were setting up. The clowns started to entertain the children, but because of the scorching heat, the SPED kids got easily tired so they shortened the games and program.

The children were given food and gift giving commenced. We are grateful to that family that organized this event because they are very generous in sharing their blessings to the less-fortunate and children with disabilities.

We thank all the volunteers, Ms. Neth, Morris & company, Kuya Val & Ms. Juliet of C&C of GTVL and son and also to Kuya Fidel of Lumitron.

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