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Chummy Chum Foundation Teams Up with Dra. Faustino for Medical Mission for indigent children.

April 12, 2019 Friday 8am to 11am Medical Mission venue at Brgy 373 Aurora Blvd.Manila

Chummy Chum Foundation has worked with Dra. Faustino for a medical and health mission for indigent families from Brgy. 373 Aurora Blvd, Manila. At first, the team was taken aback when they thought that the medical mission was politically motivated seeing prominent politicians at the venue. But after Dra. Faustino explained the event was far from being political, but a family mission that the family have been doing every month. The medical mission gave free medical check-ups and prescribed medicines to the families. The CCFPI team stayed and focused on giving joy to the children of poor families, which turned out successfully.

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