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Chummy Chum Goes to Jose Abad General Hospital

June 26, 2019

Wednesday 10am to 12nn

Jose Abad Gen.Hospital


Almost everyday, there are different cases of pediatric patients who are lining up to get free medical consultations and treatments at the hospital, considering that Jose Abad Gen. Hospital is one of the public hospitals that receive the most number of pediatric patients coming in daily.

Most of the time, they tend to accommodate patients more than the target number that the hospital could handle per day, especially if a child has a fever. Based on the usual scenario, patients’ conditions are not that critical, but they are those who are really empty handed, and didn’t even have money to buy food while waiting for their names to be called from the very long line.

The hospital administration has always been very thankful of what Chummy Chum has been doing for their patients. Chummy Chum gives joy to the patients at the OPD by giving out freebies, popcorn, cotton candy, and even entertain them with Chummy Chum mascot appearance and dance performance. Once the children saw Chummy Chum, they get excited and happy, it seems that the sick children become well and that there’s no reason at all for them to get the treatment they are lining up for.

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