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Chummy Chum Goes to Shelter of Hope to Give Gifts to Children

Date: April 21, 2018 (Saturday)

Venue: Shelter of Hope, Paco Park, Manila


Chummy Chum Foundation and a group of humanitarians went to Shelter of Hope for gift giving. All the gifts and the time spent have really made the children happy at that very moment. A special moment when children feel the joy of just being a kid. Chummy Chum truly is a channel of blessings. Together with partner-donors and organizations, many under privileged children have felt the love and care not only from their own families, but from others who have both hands to give and generous heart to share with them.

The morning in the Shelter of Hope was filled with fun and laughter. The joy that no price can ever pay. Popcorn, cotton candy, coloring books with pens, toys, special gifts and food were given away. And as always, fun would never be complete without Chummy Chum’s dance performance.

Courtesy to our partner-group who have prepared lots of toys and provided cash donation to the Shelter of Hope. Thank you all so much. Same goes to Ms. Emmz, family and friends for giving out snacks and half sack of rice, as well as to our dear volunteer Ms. Anne who have been sharing her time helping us carry out the event.

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