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Chummy Chum Graces GTVL Christmas Party of Employees for their Kids

Our mother company, GTVL, held its annual Christmas Party for the employees and their children held at the GTVL headquarters at San Antonio, Paranaque City.

Almost half of the workers here are poor and we can evidently see it on their children that’s why our boss include CCF to give cheer to these children.

The weather was not that good as it was raining but fortunately the event was held at the new building and as the program went along, it rained heavily but it didn’t stop the party as everyone enjoyed the games.

While the parents and their children were busy participating in games, CCF staff were also busy preparing popcorn and freebies.

After Chummy Chum’s dance number, it was the employees turn to celebrate but we went home early as we still have an event to attend to the next day.

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