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Chummy Chum Graces Mommy G’s feeding program for poor kids at Sta. Ana, Manila

October 14, 2017

CCF Team headed to Brgy. 787 Zone 86, District 5 in Sta. Ana, Manila to grace Mommy G’s feeding program to poor kids of that community.

The streets are narrow and small and it was raining when we got there. However, this did not dampen our spirit to spread cheer to the poor kids.

Clowns Luke & Ricky entertained the children with their jokes and stunts.

Not all the kids present were poor. In our own assessment, at least 60% of the participants were not poor; we can tell by the way the children look. So we were very selective in giving away gifts… only those children who are really poor and has not experienced this kinds of party, were prioritized.

Everyone were given CCF freebies, nevertheless. Their Barangay Captain, on the other hand, handed out seedlings to the mothers, for them to plant.

There was also a little lecture on proper waste management.

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