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Chummy Chum Graces Ms. Elyn’s BDay Outreach at PCMC Charity Ward

CCF Team headed to Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) located at Agham Rd., Quezon City for the annual birthday outreach of Ms. Elyn.

Fortunately, there’s an available vehicle for us to use because normally, Sunday is a busy day due to deliveries of apparel for our boss’ business.

Their success in business is the result of hard work and their generosity towards the needy, through Chummy Chum Foundation.

Just like the kind-hearted Ms. Elyn with her annual charity outreach. On this day, she and her friends prepared lots of food and gifts for the cancer-stricken kids of PCMC. We got to the venue and immediately set up our booth. During gift distribution, we saw poor little children who have big lumps and are asking for financial assistance so they could go to medical experts for their condition.

We gave them our cellphone number and advised them to gather needed documents so we could present them to our boss for possible assistance.

All the children in the Charity Ward were given grocery packs and food which were served in their hospital bed.

Photo shows Ms. Elyn with some of the cancer patients and CCF volunteers.

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