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Chummy Chum Graces Ms Elyn’s Birthday Outreach at Missionaries of Charity

June 12, 2017

CCF Team headed to Missionaries of Charity at Tayuman, Tondo, Manila to grace the birthday outreach of Ms. Elyn for the orphaned and sick kids. Ms. Elyn yearly celebrates her birthday with less-fortunate kids and this year, she has chosen to spread cheer to sick and orphaned children.

The program started when the children were ushered to the activity area, and had settled down. The clown named Luke entertained everyone with his funny antics. Their parents abandon most of the children here.

Some are being visited by their parents during the weekends. But those who are stricken with cerebral palsy are completely left here by their families.

Thank you to Ms. Elyn for the popcorn donation. We intend not to disclose the identities of the children, for their protection.

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