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Chummy Chum Graces NDPR and NCH Event for Children with Special Needs

July 15, 2019

Monday 9AM to 12NN

National Children’s Hospital

E.Rodriguez Quezon City.

Chummy Chum has been a long time partner of the National Children Hospital (NCH) in giving joy to the sick indigent children from their hospital. Chummy Chum regularly conducts gift-giving charity events at the hospital, considering that NCH receives and accommodate many sick children with different medical cases including the most dreadful ones from all over the country.

Chummy Chum usually conducts the event on the 4th floor, but this time, the team spread joy at the newest function room of the hospital where the children were gathered.

As always, the team arrives at the venue 1 or 2 hours earlier to make sure that everything is set up accordingly just before the party starts. Chummy Chum always looks forward to meet the children with excitement on their faces (as they’ve waited for a long time since after the invitation for the event has been sent). This particular event was done in celebration of the NDPR Week. NDPR stands for National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation, a week that aims to remind all pregnant women to have a regular prenatal checkup to avoid physical or mental deformities and disabilities of the babies.

In this particular event, the Therapist Department of the hospital took charge of the invitation to give joy to the children with physical disabilities. Chummy Chum met children with special needs (SPED) for which the feeling of being happy is a therapy. The event was a success one specially for the children who for the first time in their lives, has experienced a party with kiddie booth, balloons, pop corn, cotton candy, fun games, and dance performance of Chummy Chum mascot, plus the gifts that each one has received from Chummy Chum.

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