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Chummy Chum heard the family’s prayer, sent immediate help for little Samuel.

No. 94: Samuel M. Olores, 8, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC)

Samuel has diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and needs to get bone marrow. The father is a construction worker and has no regular work at this time of the pandemic. The parents can withstand the hardships and starvation but not the poor medical condition of their sick child. They are praying for help and specifically hopes for Chummy Chum Foundation to see their situation.

It is as if that Chummy Chum heard the family’s prayers. As soon as Chummy Chum learned the condition of Samuel, the team delivered cash assistance for the child’s medical management, formula milk to support his immune system, and grocery items to share with the family. The team also gave Samuel a set of coloring books with crayons, Chummy Chum tiny dolls, and wristbands, just to keep Samuel reminded that somewhere in his journey, Chummy Chum had been part of it.

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