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Chummy Chum joined the Dengue Awareness Program of the Ospital ng Sampaloc

21 June 2023 (Wed) Ospital ng Sampaloc

Chummy Chum joined the campaign of Ospital ng Sampaloc about Dengue Awareness called “Wanted Lolit Lamok”, protecting the children from getting sick with dengue fever.

Chummy Chum showed up at the Out-Patient Department of the Ospital ng Sampaloc, surprising the children in the queue for medical checkups. Chummy Chum entertained the children by teaching the latter some dance moves. Later on, Chummy Chum did a dance performance for the children.

Each child received yummy treats, toys, and special gifts from Chummy Chum. They were also amazed and excited while watching the cotton candy machine produce cotton candy in a jiffy. They were also very curious watching the popcorn kernel pop as it gets cooked. The children also received gifts from their doctor.

Thanks to The SM Store for the toys, and the Tramo Central Group for the packs of spaghetti given to each child at the OPD.

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