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Chummy Chum Joins Aeden & Family for Charity Treat to OPD-NCH

June 9, 2017

CCF Staff went to National Children’s Hospital located at E. Rodriguez Quezon City to Join Aeden & Family for a charity treat to kids at the Out Patient Department. We got to know them thru a Chummy chum follower abroad and requested us to arrange a charity party for them that will benefit cancer kid patients. We immediately coordinated with our contact at the social service to arrange the party. The donor wholeheartedly trusted CCF as they sent us money to arrange and organize everything.

And on this particular day, we finally met the donor who came from abroad. We are glad that they liked what we bought for the children. We prepared lootbags with lots of food and fruits. Ms. Myra pitched in additional biscuits. The program started with a prayer. Aeden, the birthday celebrant even asked his mom why his celebration was way too early since his birthday is still on December. Ms. Alona gently explained everything to Aeden that they are celebrating the birthdays of all the sick kids; it’s just that his name was included in the cake to represent everyone. Thankfully, he understood. Almost 100 kids benefited from the party wherein imported toys were also given to them. There was a slight commotion since everyone wanted to get toys, but all is well.

Aeden realized how lucky he is, compared to the kids around him and that made him humble and more thankful for the blessings he and his family receives.

Thank you to all our volunteers, Ms. Neth, Ms. Myra & family, for helping us bringing our things inside the hospital, also to the janitors and security guards for their help.

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