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Chummy Chum Joins High 5 ICMA Batch 95 in Outreach Program.

April 30, 2019 Tuesday 9am to 11am Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy Tayuman Manila.

The Chummy Chum Foundation has always had a soft spot for children. This gave the team a reason to join High 5 ICMA Batch 95 to the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy’s outreach program in Tayuman, Manila. High 5 ICMA is an alumni society that prioritizes a charity event whenever they’re having homecoming or anniversaries. They collect donations and put them all to their chosen orphanage for the year. This time, with the help of the Chummy Chum Foundation, they chose the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy, wherein they housed mostly abandoned children. Some of the children here were left by their own parents because of lack of knowledge and capability on how to take care of a sick child with special cases like Microcephaly Brittle Bone Disease, and other diseases that require close medical attention. Sadly, children here with such cases pass away so soon because of a lack of medical treatment. However, members of the foundation together with supporting groups have been investing time to be with these children. They feed them, play with them, even give them a bath, for as much as their time permits them. On this day, Chummy Chum and High 5 ICMA Batch 1995 was able to make the children happy with the valuable time spent, with food, gifts, freebies, fun games, and prizes. As always, it was the Chummy Chum mascot’s dance performance and quick hugs that made the mission a successful one.

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