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Chummy Chum Joins Military Forces with Dra. Major Alcabasa on a Medical Mission and Feeding Program

Daate: February 21, 2018 Venue: Golden Acress Annex, Brgy. Talon Uno, Las Pinas City Chummy Chum joined Military forces with Dra. Major Alcabasa medical mission and feeding program for the victims of fire at Brgy. Talon Uno, Las Pinas City at Golden Acress Annex. Chummy Chum gave dresses for toddlers, socks for babies, coloring materials, toys balloons and lunchbox, For kindergarten, notebook and sausage for elementary students and popcorn for all pedia patient and picture taking wt chummychum. Thank you very much to all sponsors of Chummy chum giveaways. And thank you Dra.for donating 100 cupcakes and juice

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