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Chummy Chum Joins Ms. Agnes and Her Friends on Their Feeding Program for the Streetchildren Around B

January 21, 2017

MASCARDO ST., BRGY. TEJEROS, MAKATI CITY – Sometimes, we see women who are supposed to take care of their children are outside of their homes; hearing and mumbling about the latest gossip. But, this group we met is different. They are a neighborhood who teach good values and the teachings of the Bible to children living in their streets. They give them a bath and food. They do this every Saturday. They have a tent placed on their road (for those who are willing to cooperate with them, please contact us).

Everybody loved the Chummy Chum van. After preparing our machines and giveaways, the group of Ms. Agnes played games while waiting for the popcorn to pop. Their efforts in teaching these children can be seen as the children answered their questions with ease. After the games, Chummy Chum gave them a dance number and then gifts were distributed to the children.

Thank you very much to all sponsors of our giveaways: Ma’am Nadia for imported groceries, Sir Bino for cereals and Ma’am Edith for the toys.

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