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Chummy Chum Joins Ms. Jessica on Her Birthday with Her Friends and Special Kids of Hospicio de San J

7 May 2017

MANILA CITY – Ms. Jessica has been a partner of Chummy Chum in various charity events for years now. Charity is in the heart of her and friends. They knew about Chummy Chum when a friend of her posted something on her Facebook and tagged Chummy Chum. Right after, she started requesting to Chummy Chum for events located in Manila only. When she messaged us, we immediately led her to Hospicio de San Jose.

We arrived at the venue early to set up the toys, cake, and the food. Everyone was glad to see the mentally challenged kids of Hospicio de San Jose coming to the venue. They are mentally challenged because beyond their current state, you could see kindness and courage in their hearts.

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