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Chummy Chum Joins Ms. Jessica on Her Birthday with Her Friends and Special Kids of Hospicio de San J

7 May 2017

MANILA CITY – Ms. Jessica has been a partner of Chummy Chum in various charity events for years now. Charity is in the heart of her and friends. They knew about Chummy Chum when a friend of her posted something on her Facebook and tagged Chummy Chum. Right after, she started requesting to Chummy Chum for events located in Manila only. When she messaged us, we immediately led her to Hospicio de San Jose.

Due to lack of time, Ms. Jessica entrusted the works to Chummy Chum volunteers. From ordering of food, buying the toys, etc. Luckily, since Chummy Chum has been around for some time now, we have contacts who can prepare food who live near the venue of the event. This way, the food would not spoil quickly.

We arrived at the venue early to set up the toys, cake, and the food. Everyone was glad to see the mentally challenged kids of Hospicio de San Jose coming to the venue. They are mentally challenged because beyond their current state, you could see kindness and courage in their hearts.

While waiting for the celebrant and her friends, there were games led by the clowns so that the children would not get bored. When they arrive, Chummy Chum showed up to dance with the kids and have picture-taking with them. The food was also distributed. The kids were guided by students who are on their on-the-job training who were with them to keep them entertained. On the latter part of the event, the groceries and the gifts the donors prepared were distributed to the children of the orphanage.

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