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Chummy Chum Joins SM Foundation on Medical –Dental Mission for the poor at SM Las Pinas

It was CCF’s first time to go SM Las Pinas, the chosen venue of SMF’s Medical-Dental Mission for the poor families in the community.

Since it was indeed first time, the patients were a bit confused if the checkups were free or not.

The activity started by noon as the beneficiaries arrived rather late. You can really tell that the participants were from the poor sector by their appearance.

Some of the children were rather thin and were in need of proper nutrition. That is why these kids have secret gifts from Chummy Chum.

All the kids present have freebies courtesy of CCF but those select few (very poor children) were given extra something. Everyone were attended to by volunteer doctors and were given free medicines. Chummy Chum also gave children freebies and snacks.

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